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History and Heritage of Martinique

Discovering the hat Bakoua Martinique

The Bakoua is, if we can say so, a typical hat of Martinique. Made of Pandanus leaves, it is ubiquitous in daily life of the local population, both in the life of everyday or on special occasions.

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The Bèlè is one of the greatest riches recorded in the cultural heritage of Martinique. Finding its sources in the lives of slaves arrived on the island in the mid-1800s, this highly rhythmic musical practice is still present on the island and is presented in a more polished form and more modern.

You are planning your trip to Martinique: for the gourmets it is also the occasion to discover tropical fruits that you cannot find in France. But be careful, each fruit has its season: we give you all our tricks for an optimal tasting.

Martinique offers a plethora of water and sun-drenched vegetables that embellish dishes and delight the taste buds. Take the time to appreciate the typical vegetables that occupy a special place in the local cuisine.

Martinique's cuisine is composed of typical dishes full of flavors. Fish is used a lot. Very appreciated by the locals, it will also satisfy the taste buds and the curiosity of the vacationers.

With many colors, Creole houses in Martinique appear to be frozen in time. Making a reminder of the colonial period, they are now one of the greatest treasures of the architectural heritage of ...

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