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Martinique invites you on a unique adventure.

Martinique at UNESCO: for the second time

Montagne Pelée and the Pitons are two natural treasures in the Caribbean, inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List for their exceptional beauty, unique biodiversity and geological significance. These sites offer a precious opportunity to understand the Earth and discover the splendor of nature. Their preservation and enhancement will continue to be essential objectives for future generations and for our planet as a whole. Don't waste any more time and come and discover these natural wonders with our rental cars, which you can find at the airport agency.

Montagne Pelée: an impressive force of nature

Montagne Pelée, located on the Caribbean island of Martinique, is an active volcano that marked the region's history with its devastating eruption in 1902. The eruption destroyed the town of Saint-Pierre, claiming thousands of lives and leaving behind a lunar landscape. Today, however, Montagne Pelée is a major tourist attraction and a unique window on the forces of nature.

  1. Unique flora and fauna: Montagne Pelée is home to an incredible diversity of endemic plant and animal species. There are rare orchids, giant ferns and native birds, including Martinique's famous Amazon parrot.

  2. Hiking and adventure: Hiking enthusiasts will be delighted by the trails of Montagne Pelée. Climbing to the summit is a rewarding experience, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the island and the ocean.

  3. Geological study: Scientists from all over the world are fascinated by Montagne Pelée because of its active volcanic nature. They study the mountain's geology to better understand volcanic phenomena and improve early warning systems.


    © Credit source : Canva

The Pitons: Unique geological formations

The Pitons, located in the Caribbean on the island of Saint Lucia, are a pair of twin volcanic mountains, the Gros Piton and Petit Piton, rising majestically from the Caribbean Sea. Their distinctive shape and spectacular beauty make them an exceptional natural site.

  1. Geological formation: The Pitons are the result of millions of years of volcanic activity. Their slender silhouette and steep slopes are an exceptional example of how the Earth evolves and changes.

  2. Unique ecosystems: The Pitons are home to a rich diversity of plant and animal species, some of which are found nowhere else. The region's lush forests, coral reefs and unspoilt beaches make it a sanctuary for biodiversity.

  3. Outdoor activities: Visitors can explore the hiking trails that wind around the Pitons to enjoy spectacular views and discover the local flora and fauna. Water sports, such as scuba diving and sailing, are also very popular in this region.


© Credit source : Canva

UNESCO and World Heritage Preservation

Montagne Pelée and the Pitons du Nord were recently added to UNESCO's prestigious World Heritage List. This classification recognizes the exceptional importance of these natural sites, and commits local communities and the international community to protecting and preserving them for future generations. World Heritage status implies a number of responsibilities, including conserving the environment, promoting scientific research and raising public awareness of the importance of these sites. These efforts help to maintain the balance between nature conservation and sustainable development.

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