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Martinique in June: Music and Nature take center stage. Top 5 things to do.


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Going to Martinique in June is full of surprises. If you choose to discover Martinique during the sunny month of June, you won't be disappointed! You'll be able to take advantage of the low tourist season rates, and get your groove on during the numerous Fête de la Musique events. Nature also takes pride of place in Martinique in June, to the delight of ecotourism and adventure enthusiasts. 

Take advantage of the Festival International de Randonnée en Martinique to explore the island's most beautiful panoramas on guided hikes. It's a great opportunity not only for sport, but also for making new friends - who knows? During "Rendez-vous aux Jardins", you can stroll through some of Martinique's most captivating parks, estates and gardens, while admiring the flamboyant blossoms, which also reach their peak in June. Gourmets will be delighted to sample the fruits in season in June in Martinique: mangoes, quenettes and pommes-lianes will delight every taste bud.


5 good reasons to visit Martinique in June

📉 ​Reason 1: Take advantage of low-season tourist rates 

In June, Martinique is in the low tourist season. You'll be able to take advantage of the lowest rates on accommodation, car rentals and leisure activities. June is one of the best months to explore the island without worrying about your budget and enjoy an unforgettable vacation in Martinique.

🎶 ​Reason 2: Vibrate to the bewitching rhythm of the Caribbean during Fête de la Musique 

June is the month of the Fête de la Musique in Martinique! Immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere and let yourself be carried away by the bewitching rhythms of zouk, reggae and soca at open-air concerts all over the island. It's a unique experience not to be missed by music and dance lovers.

The Fête de la Musique in Martinique is much more than just a musical event, it's a musical celebration of Creole culture. Every year on June 21, the streets come alive to the bewitching rhythms of zouk, reggae, dancehall, calypso and other musical genres that thrill Martinicans and tourists alike.

In all the communes of Martinique, events are organized to celebrate this special day. Stages are set up in the streets and public squares, where local and international artists perform live to the delight of spectators. The diversity of the program is impressive, with traditional music concerts, steel drum groups, gwoka bands, jazz orchestras and much more.

As you may have guessed, traditional Martinican music is in the spotlight during the Fête de la Musique, with artists perpetuating the rhythms and melodies inherited from Creole culture. Gwo ka drums echo through the streets, dancers perform traditional quadrille or biguine steps, and singers interpret songs in Creole that tell the story and soul of the island.

The Fête de la Musique in Martinique is a unique opportunity to share convivial moments with the locals, and to discover the richness and vitality of the island's music scene. This magical day promises unforgettable memories and intense emotions to the bewitching rhythm of the Caribbean.

🌄​ Reason 3: Explore breathtaking natural treasures during the Martinique International Hiking Festival 

Martinique is a hiker's paradise. June is the best month of the year to enjoy it! © Credit source: Canva

The Festival International de Randonnée en Martinique, held every year in June, is much more than just a sporting event: it's a genuine invitation to discover the wild, unspoilt beauty of the island. Since its inception, the festival has attracted many nature and adventure enthusiasts, offering them unique experiences in the heart of lush tropical landscapes.

The festival is of particular interest because it allows participants to venture into remote, unspoilt corners of Martinique in complete safety. Guided and group hikes are perfect for tourists wishing to explore Martinique's most beautiful vistas while benefiting from the professional guidance of local guides.

One of the highlights of the Festival International de Randonnée is the diversity of routes on offer, suitable for all levels of hiker, from beginners to the most experienced. From family outings to more technical treks, there's something for everyone. As you no doubt know, hiking also offers many benefits for body and mind. As well as the physical aspect, walking in the great outdoors allows you to recharge your batteries, reconnect with yourself and relax away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Essential ingredients for a successful vacation!

The Festival International de Randonnée en Martinique is also committed to protecting the environment. 

With this in mind, the festival regularly organizes trail clean-up and preservation actions, in collaboration with local associations and partners committed to environmental protection. 

Our 3 favorite hiking trails in Martinique

Martinique offers a wealth of hiking trails with breathtaking panoramas and unforgettable discoveries. 

It's hard to choose! If we had to pick three, here are the ones we suggest you discover during the Festival, and which are the most popular with tourists.

  • La Trace des Caps: This coastal trail offers spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. On the Trace des Caps, hikers can enjoy a succession of varied landscapes, from steep cliffs to wild beaches and lush tropical forests.

  • Montagne Pelée: Culminating at an altitude of 1,397 meters, Montagne Pelée is a must for hiking enthusiasts. The trail to the summit is a demanding climb, but is rewarded with breathtaking views over the whole island and the volcanic caldera.

  • Gorges de la Falaise: Nestled in the heart of the rainforest, Gorges de la Falaise offers a real change of scenery. Following the course of the river, visitors can admire refreshing waterfalls, natural pools and lush vegetation.

These trails, among many others (Le Morne Larcher, la Presqu'île de la Caravelle...), are all invitations to discover Martinique's nature in June.

​💐​ Reason 4: Let tropical flora bewitch you during "Rendez-vous aux Jardins". 

Every year in June, Martinique celebrates the national event "Rendez-vous aux Jardins" with enthusiasm and passion. 

When you visit Martinique in June, you'll be able to appreciate the richness and diversity of its botanical gardens, parks and green spaces. The event is a veritable ode to nature and botany, highlighting the island's exceptional plant heritage.

The activities on offer during "Rendez-vous aux Jardins" in Martinique are varied and captivating. Guided tours are organized in the island's most emblematic gardens, allowing visitors to discover the tropical flora and to immerse themselves in the history and culture of the sites. Floral exhibitions, botanical workshops, lectures on horticulture and gardening demonstrations are also on the program.

Which gardens to visit in Martinique in June?

Among the gardens not to be missed in Martinique, the Jardin de Balata is a veritable botanical gem nestled in the heights of Fort-de-France. This enchanting tropical garden is home to an incredible variety of exotic plants, rare orchids and century-old trees.


© Credit source : facebook jardin de balata

The Domaine de l'Habitation Clément in Le François is another must-see for garden and history lovers. This magnificent estate, a former sugar plantation converted into a cultural center, is home to a vast botanical estate where visitors can discover an impressive collection of tropical plants, as well as contemporary sculptures scattered throughout the verdant walkways.

Other gardens worth exploring in June during your visit to Martinique include Jardin de la Savane des Esclaves in Trois-Îlets, Jardin de la Maison de la Canne in Rivière-Pilote, and Jardins de l'Habitation Céron in Sainte-Marie. Each offers a unique experience, to the delight of visitors.

🌼 Reason 5: In June, watch the Flamboyants bloom 

The blooming of the flamboyant trees is spectacular. © Credit source: Pinterest

In June, at the end of the dry season in Martinique, the flamboyants display their majesty, offering a dazzling spectacle to all those lucky enough to contemplate them. 

These imposing trees are distinguished by their slender silhouettes and brightly colored blossoms: yellow, orange or red, with red being the most prized for its vivacity.

There are many places in Martinique where you can admire these magnificent trees in bloom. On the Trois-Îlets road after the Château Gaillard estate, in the Vatable forest, in the Dostaly district of Le François, in Fort-de-France on Boulevard du Général de Gaulle or at the entrance to Anses d'Arlet, flamboyants enhance the landscape and delight passers-by.

In addition to their aesthetic beauty, flamboyants also have practical uses. Their seeds, contained in the pods that make up the flamboyant fruit, are used in local crafts to create jewelry, earrings, necklaces and other ornaments. These unique and authentic creations can be found at local markets, such as Le Diamant or Poterie des Trois-Îlets, where Martinique's crafts are in the spotlight. A typical souvenir to take back in your suitcases at the end of your stay in June! 


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​The weather in Martinique in June 

June marks the end of the dry season in Martinique, known as "Lent". 

🌡️ What's the weather like in Martinique in June? 

Average temperatures range from 25°C to 30°C in June, providing ideal conditions for relaxing on the beaches and exploring the island's diverse landscapes.

🌧️ ​June rainfall in Martinique 

Showers are occasional and days are generally sunny, ideal for water sports and hiking. 

🌊 Swimming temperatures in June in Martinique 

The seawater temperature is also very pleasant, fluctuating between 26-28°C. 

What to see and do in June in Martinique? Other ideas 

There's so much to do in Martinique in June, it's hard to be exhaustive! In addition to our top 5 of the best things to see and do, here's an overview of all the things you can plan to do during your vacation. 

​🏭​ Visit the Usine du Galion during the sugar season 

Take advantage of the sugar cane harvest season to discover the history and secrets of cane sugar and Martinique rum production at the Usine du Galion in Trinité. This time of year is ideal for visiting the factory, which only opens its doors to the public during the sugar harvest.

​🥃 ​Explore the rum distilleries 

Martinique is renowned for its rum distilleries, the island's true jewels. Discover these emblematic establishments and let yourself be seduced by the captivating aromas of rhum agricole, produced using traditional methods and crafts.


© Credit source : facebook rhum clément

​🎇 ​Take part in local festivals 

In June, Martinique celebrates its many patron saint festivals, the perfect opportunity to discover local culture and traditions. Attend the parades, open-air concerts and religious celebrations that punctuate Martinique's festive calendar. 

⛱️ Beaches and water sports 

With its white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, Martinique is a true paradise for lovers of idleness and water sports. Relax on the island's most beautiful beaches and try your hand at scuba diving, surfing, sailing or kayaking for an unforgettable Caribbean experience.

🏞️​ Take a wellness break in one of the local spas 

After a busy day of hiking, treat yourself to a moment of relaxation in one of the island's spas. Let yourself be pampered with traditional massages, treatments based on local products and wellness rituals inspired by West Indian traditions.

Martinique's patron saint festivals in June 

Fêtes patronales are a great opportunity to discover Martinique's culture and traditions, meet the locals and share moments of joy in a warm, authentic atmosphere.

Places and dates of the June patronal festivals 

  • June 16: Trinité

  • June 24: Basse-Pointe

  • June 24: Rivière-Salée

  • June 24: Vauclin

  • June 29: Marigot

Fruits and vegetables in season in June in Martinique  


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In June, Martinique celebrates the abundance of tropical fruits and vegetables, which reach their peak of flavor and freshness. While the emblematic fruit of June is the mango, pommes-lianes and quenettes are only available in Martinique and well worth a detour. 

🍒 Fruits in season in June in Martinique 

  • Mangoes: Mangoes are at their best in June. Juicy and sweet, they come in a multitude of local varieties you won't find anywhere else. 

  • Apple-lianas: Cousins of the passion fruit, apple-lianas are exotic fruits with a sweet, tangy taste. Their juicy, refreshing flesh makes them an ideal option for fruit salads or fresh juices.

  • Acerola cherries: Rich in vitamin C, acerola cherries are small, tart red berries with an intense, delicious taste. They are often eaten fresh, but can also be made into juice, jam or sorbet.

  • Quenettes: Quenettes are small exotic fruits with a sweet, slightly acid taste, much appreciated by the locals. 

  • Soursops are large fruits with creamy white flesh studded with black seeds. Their unique flavor, both sweet and tart, makes them an exquisite fruit to enjoy fresh or transformed into juice, ice cream or exotic desserts.

  • Apricots pays, Martinique's signature fruit, are at their peak in June. Their sweet, fragrant flesh is most often eaten fresh, for a delicious, vitamin-packed treat.

🍈 Seasonal vegetables in June 

Breadfruit: Breadfruit is a staple of Martinique cuisine, particularly appreciated for its dense texture and slightly sweet flavor. In June, it's at its best, offering tender, melting flesh that lends itself to many culinary preparations, such as gratins, purées or breads.


© Credit source : canva

What to pack in June

When traveling to Martinique in June, don't forget to pack the following essentials:

  • Sunglasses to protect you from intense UV rays.

  • Seabed-friendly sunscreen to protect your skin and the marine ecosystem.

  • A hat to protect you from the sun.

  • Hiking shoes to explore the island's trails.

  • Mosquito repellent to protect you from insects.

Martinique in July is also an experience not to be missed!

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