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Martinique in May: Do as You Please! 5 Good Reasons to Go


© Credit source : Canva

In Martinique, the month of May is perfect for exploration. It's the ideal time to discover Martinique in all its facets. During this period, culture takes the spotlight with numerous gastronomic and cultural highlights.

May marks the beginning of the low tourist season in Martinique, offering very advantageous rates on accommodations, car rentals, and activities.

Traditionally, May is marked by several public holidays, providing visitors with the opportunity to extend their stay while saving their vacation days. Additionally, May's sunny weather in Martinique offers mild temperatures and sunny days, perfect for enjoying water activities and hiking.

Visiting in May is an opportunity to immerse yourself in Martinique's culture, with events like Mai de Saint-Pierre, Sainte-Marie Gastronomic Week, and European Museum Night. You can experience "Mai de Saint-Pierre," a significant cultural event celebrating the memory of the historic town of Saint-Pierre, devastated by the volcanic eruption on May 8, 1902. Attend shows, concerts, exhibitions, and parades to discover the fascinating history of this emblematic city.

Food enthusiasts will delight in May with Sainte-Marie Gastronomic Week. This annual event highlights the richness and diversity of Martinican cuisine.

5 Good Reasons to Visit Martinique in May

📉 Reason 1: Martinique's Low Tourist Season Starts in May

In May, Martinique enters its low tourist season, meaning more advantageous rates on accommodations, car rentals, and activities. It's the perfect time to explore the island at smart prices.

✌️ Reason 2: May Public Holidays and Bridges, a Boon

May is punctuated by public holidays in mainland France and Martinique, allowing visitors to enjoy a longer stay while saving their vacation days. They can also discover local culture and traditions through colorful and lively festivities. Immerse yourself in the island's festive and authentic atmosphere during these unique moments.

🌞 ​Reason 3: In May, the Sun Is Shining

In May, Martinique enjoys sunny and pleasant weather, with mild temperatures and sunny days. It's the perfect time to enjoy the fine sandy beaches, water activities, and hikes in the island's lush nature.

🌄 Reason 4: Explore the "Pompeii of the Caribbean" during Mai de Saint-Pierre

If you love history, archaeological sites, and historic ruins, don't miss "Mai de Saint-Pierre," a must-visit cultural event celebrating the memory of the historic town of Saint-Pierre, once nicknamed "the little Paris of the Antilles" and destroyed by a volcanic eruption in May 1902. Attend shows, concerts, exhibitions, and parades to discover the fascinating history of this emblematic city.

🍽️ Reason 5: Savor Martinique's Local Cuisine during Sainte-Marie Gastronomic Week


© Credit source : Canva

Sainte-Marie Gastronomic Week in Martinique, held annually in May, is a must-attend culinary celebration for food enthusiasts and curious individuals eager for gustatory discoveries.

During this gastronomic week, restaurants in Sainte-Marie and its surroundings offer special menus highlighting local products and traditional recipes revisited with creativity. Chefs compete to offer exquisite and original dishes, showcasing the authentic flavors of Martinique.

Visitors enjoy a true explosion of flavors, ranging from delicious Creole specialties to the most refined dishes, all in a friendly and festive atmosphere.

In addition to tastings, Sainte-Marie Gastronomic Week also offers culinary workshops, cooking demonstrations, rum and local product tastings, as well as musical and cultural entertainment for a complete and immersive experience.

It's an experience not to be missed for all epicureans seeking new sensations. You know what to do: visit Martinique in May!

Bonus 1: Experience European Museum Night in Martinique

Every year, "European Museum Night" takes place in May, from dusk until around midnight. The principle is simple: participating museums open their doors to the public for free and offer various activities.

Martinique thus celebrates the richness of its cultural heritage each year by participating in the event. May offers an exceptional opportunity to discover the diversity of Martinican artistic and historical expressions in a convivial atmosphere.

Martinique's Museum Night offers a varied program, combining lectures, screenings, readings, poetic evenings, storytelling, and exhibitions. Visitors take part in original cultural events, highlighting the multiple facets of Martinican culture.

Events during Museum Night take place in iconic cultural venues of the island, such as the House of Volcanoes, the Museum of History and Ethnography, or the House of Sugarcane. These establishments, rich in history and expertise, open their doors to the public for an immersion into Martinican culture.

We particularly recommend Museum Night to families, thanks to the free admission for this special evening. Children can marvel at the collections, participate in fun and educational workshops, and develop their curiosity and artistic sensitivity.

Bonus 2: Participate in Nature Festival in Martinique

Nature Festival is a nationwide event celebrated annually in May, inviting nature lovers to discover biodiversity. In Martinique, this festival offers activities for both children and adults across the island.

Participants can immerse themselves in guided walks to discover the unique island ecosystems. Hiking, kayaking, or boat trips allow exploration of the island's natural treasures, from mangroves to tropical forests to marine life.

Photography enthusiasts can also participate in photo contests showcasing Martinique's fauna and flora.

Nature Festival is also an opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of preserving Martinique's biodiversity and fragile ecosystems.

Bonus 3: Enjoy the Pâté en Pot Festival

The Pâté en Pot Festival is held every year in Saint-Pierre, celebrating one of Martinique's most popular culinary specialties. On May 25, 2024, from 9am to 1pm, you'll be able to discover (or rediscover) this traditional dish. This tasty soup is prepared with pieces of meat (beef, pork, etc.), local vegetables such as cabbage and giraumon, and a blend of Creole spices. Festival-goers will be able to sample different variations of this traditional soup, prepared by local chefs. The event is enhanced by cultural and musical entertainment, creating a festive and convivial atmosphere for all participants.

Bonus 4: Visit the sugar refinery "Le Galion" in Trinité in May

En mai, la sucrerie du Galion est encore ouverte. Elle n'ouvre ses portes au public que pendant la campagne sucrière. © Crédit source : Canva

La Sucrerie du Galion est la dernière sucrerie en activité en Martinique. Elle n'ouvre ses portes au public que pendant la campagne sucrière, entre février et juin. Mars, avril et mai sont les mois idéaux pour la visiter.

May public holidays in Martinique

Labor Day: Wednesday, May 1, 2024 Victory in 1945: Wednesday, May 8, 2024 Ascension Day: Thursday, May 9, 2024 Whit Monday: Monday May 20, 2024 Abolition of slavery in Martinique: Tuesday May 22, 2024

Weather in May in Martinique

Is the weather nice in Martinique in May? Absolutely.

☁️ Weather in May in Martinique

In May, the sky is generally clear and sunny in Martinique. Showers are rare and brief, allowing for full enjoyment of outdoor activities.

🌧️ ​Rainfall in May in Martinique

Rainfall is low in May, guaranteeing sunny and pleasant days for exploring the island.

🌡️ Average Temperatures in May in Martinique

Average temperatures range between 25°C and 30°C in May, offering ideal conditions for relaxing on the beaches and embarking on adventures through the island's diverse landscapes.

🌊 Water Temperature in May in Martinique

The seawater is delightfully warm in May, perfect for swimming, diving, and water sports.

"In May, Do as You Please"... in Martinique

In May, Martinique offers a wide range of activities for all tastes and ages. Here are some other suggestions to fully enjoy your stay:

Head to the beach: Relax on the beautiful white sandy beaches and admire the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Go hiking: Explore hiking trails through lush jungles and discover breathtaking views of the sea and mountains.

Take advantage of the perfect weather for sports activities: Enjoy

ideal conditions for diving, snorkeling, sailing, surfing, kayaking, and more.

Patronal and Communal Festivals in May in Martinique


© Credit source :

In Martinique, patronal festivals are must-attend festive and cultural events that celebrate faith, tradition, and Martinican heritage. Each municipality honors its patron saint or saintess during these lively festivities, offering visitors a unique opportunity to discover the richness of Martinique's culture.

These patronal festivals often feature religious celebrations, traditional music concerts, parades with traditional costumes, and a profusion of stalls offering local dishes and artisanal products.

The free concerts organized during Martinique's patronal festivals are among the highlights. Local artists perform live on stages set up in the heart of cities or villages, offering spectators diverse musical performances ranging from zouk to reggae, jazz, and Creole folklore.

You can enjoy the dynamism of Martinique's music scene in a joyful and warm atmosphere.

Dates and Locations of Patronal Festivals in May

📅​ May 2: Patronal festival of Le Prêcheur

Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables in May in Martinique

[Image of a local market]

🥭 Seasonal Fruits in May in Martinique

In May, the flagship fruit of the season is mango. You can also discover the water apple or jambose.

  • Mangoes: Succulent and juicy, mangoes are one of Martinique's iconic fruits in May. Their sweet and fragrant flesh is irresistible. You can discover numerous varieties of local mangoes typical of Martinique and not exported: Julie mango, "green mango," Bassignac mango, golden mango, and more.

  • Pomegranates: With their juicy and tangy arils enclosed in a deep red skin, pomegranates are often considered a symbol of fertility and prosperity in many cultures. They are rich in antioxidants and vitamins, making them a healthy and delicious fruit choice.

  • Water Apples: Water apples are highly appreciated in Martinique. They are not a variety of apple but the fruit of the red jambu tree, native to Asia. Their flesh is very crunchy, refreshing, and juicy.

  • Passion Fruit or Maracuja: It is distinguished by its wrinkled skin enclosing juicy and tangy orange pulp, dotted with small crunchy seeds. This tropical fruit is appreciated for its intense and exotic taste, which can be consumed fresh by spoon or used to flavor desserts, cocktails, or sauces accompanying fish or seafood.

🌶️ Seasonal Vegetables in May in Martinique

Here are some of the vegetables you will find in the markets of Martinique in May.

  • Eggplants: These versatile vegetables are abundant in May in Martinique. Used in many Creole recipes, eggplants add a rich and savory texture to cooked dishes.

  • Peppers: Peppers are an essential ingredient in Martinican cuisine, adding heat and flavor to local dishes. In May, you will find a variety of fresh peppers, from mild to spicy, to satisfy all palates.

  • Cabbages: Cabbages, such as green cabbage or kale, are plentiful in May in Martinique. Rich in nutrients and fiber, these vegetables are perfect for soups, salads, or braised dishes.

  • Tomatoes: Tomatoes are versatile and delicious vegetables grown year-round in Martinique, but they are particularly tasty in May. Used in many local dishes, fresh tomatoes add a touch of freshness and color to meals.

  • Green Beans: These crunchy and tender vegetables are also in season in May in Martinique. Rich in vitamins and minerals, green beans are perfect for accompanying meat or fish dishes.

  • Zucchinis: Zucchinis are versatile and nutritious vegetables available in May in Martinique. Their mild flavor and tender texture make them an ideal ingredient for sautés, gratins, or soups.

What to Pack in May?

During your trip to Martinique in May, don't forget to pack the following essentials in your luggage:

Sunglasses to protect yourself from intense UV rays.

Environmentally friendly sunscreen to protect your skin and the marine ecosystem.

A hat to protect yourself from the sun.

Hiking shoes for exploring the island's trails.

Insect repellent to protect yourself from insects.

Martinique in June is just as sunny ! 🌞

Need a car in May?

Choose Europcar Martinique! 🚗♻️ Remember to drive responsibly and favor carpooling.


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