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Le Fromager, tree of life and sacred tree

The Cheese Tree

The Cheese tree is on the emblem of Nicaragua, as a tree of life for many ancestors.

The cheese maker, tree of life

In Spanish, its name is ceiba. It was a very sacred tree for the Maya, during the classical period (300-900). It symbolized the axis of the world, the axis mundi.

The Cheese tree is considered a tree of life; its seeds contain up to 25% oil. The wool surrounding the seeds, called "kapok" is composed of fibers with a cottony consistency welded together with a remarkable buoyancy. In the past, these fibers were used to make life jackets or to fill cushions or mattresses. The bark of Fromager is used in traditional medicine, it is a powerful diuretic.

The root is reputed to be an appetizer, and the green leaves are recommended as a friction against hair loss.

Nowadays, the Fromager is mainly used in leaf bath, in association with other medicinal species, in the treatment of the bourbouille and the superficial cutaneous disorders.

The Fromager, a sacred tree

A strong mysticism surrounds the Fromager. Indeed, this tree is considered sacred and gives rise to many superstitions in the West Indies. It is therefore protected and respected. Indeed, some consider that this tree is inhabited by spirits (Zombie Tree).

Remarkable tree, the Fromager occupies a place of choice in the popular beliefs. It should not be cut when it is alive under penalty of curse and its high branches would serve as a refuge for creatures of the night.

The Caribbean Indians rarely used the cotton of the Fromager because according to the legend their sleep would have been haunted by it.

The Fromager in Martinique

You can find this tree in all Martinique, and mainly in the north, in the Tropical Forest.

You can observe it for example, on the heights of Saint-Pierre, or during hikes in the center of Martinique, towards the Morne Rouge and the Morne Vert.

In the south, in the forest of Montravail, above Sainte Luce, a stage of hike is precisely the observation of a Fromager of more than 45 meters.

To discover Martinique, we advise you to rent a car. It will be easier for you to stop according to your desires and your favorites. Take the time to observe the landscapes, to stroll on a beach, to rest under a carbet or to go to your activities and leisure.

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