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December, a good month to go to Martinique?

Martinique in December for an exotic Christmas

No need for a tree to live a fabulous Christmas!  Make way for palm trees, bathing suits and the mild temperatures of Martinique in December.

  You'll be delighted to discover a new destination for the holidays and to take off the heavy jackets to get out the bathing suits and dive into the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. Why not replace the traditional snowman with a sandman?

Discover the essential recipes of the end of the year celebrations in Martinique: the Christmas Ham and the Salted Christmas Pies. A unique culinary experience to enjoy.


Read our article dedicated to Christmas in Martinique!

The Chanté Nwel in Martinique

During the end of year celebrations in Martinique, you will hear in the towns and cities of the archipelago very particular sounds, mixtures of Christmas carols, Creole refrains and West Indian rhythms: the Chanté Nwel. A true West Indian tradition, the Chanté Nwel is a reflection of Creole culture: festive and lively!

But what does the Chanté Nwel consist of? Groups of friends, children, families and choirs gather in town squares and shopping malls to sing traditional Christmas songs with new lyrics and rhythms given by drums, biguines and other local musical instruments. Never before has Christmas been so much fun to dance to as in the Caribbean! Take advantage of your stay to discover the Creole culture and traditions for the end of the year celebrations and take the opportunity to discover the most beautiful places of the island: the Garden of Balata, the Mount Pelée, the beaches of Anse Mitan and Salines.

Weather conditions in December in Martinique

The month of December enjoys rather advantageous weather conditions for tourists. Temperatures are pleasant and rainfall is relatively low (compared to the level of the rainy season.


In December, the minimum temperatures are around 22°C like almost all the months of the dry period. For the maximum temperatures, they are 29°C, which is more than enough to take advantage of the various water activities or hikes. On average the temperature is 28°C for December in Martinique. Nothing to do with the cold and the greyness of the metropolis.


In December the weather becomes more favorable, with 12 days of rain in the month for an average of 137mm of rain. A shower is not to be excluded but we can go out without worrying the more we advance in the months.

With an average water temperature of 28°C, you can swim in the Martinique waters in December.


Are there cyclones in December in Martinique?

December in Martinique is a month during which you have no risk to face a cyclone and to be condemned at home during your vacations. The cyclone season runs from June to November during the so-called wintering period.

Activities to do in December in Martinique

Martinique, in December, is full of activities to do during your stay on the island: beach, hiking, culture, water activities and much more!


Enjoy nature and paradisiacal landscapes in December. The weather conditions are perfect for hiking in Martinique.


Day at the beach

The good weather conditions are back, you can spend the day at the beach.

Surfing / Kitesurfing

The return of good weather conditions will allow you to take out the boards and enjoy the beaches to practice your favorite activities like surfing or kite surfing!



December is a good season with the return of good weather conditions. You can see coral reefs, volcanic rock as well as all kinds of colorful fish, rays, morays and even turtles. Discover an interesting post about diving at Anse Dufour.

Boat excursion

Dolphins and whales will be there, you can plan a boat trip to observe them and enjoy the scenery.

Visit of the Balata Garden

The Balata Garden is a must for nature lovers. Designed by the landscape gardener Jean-Philippe Thoze, you can observe more than 3000 species of tropical plants and flowers, but also many hummingbirds. Discover other gardens in Guadeloupe. Visit a rum distillery The agricultural rum of Martinique is known all over the world. Martinique obtained the label of excellence AOC (appellation of controlled origin) for its rum in 1996. Find a list of distilleries in Martinique to visit.


Discovering museums

Martinique is home to several museums, each one as interesting as the other. Take advantage of your stay on the island to visit at least one (or more if you have the time) Find below a list of Martinique's museums:

  • Museum of plant figurines in Basse Pointe

  • Gallery of history and the sea in Carbet

  • Paul Gauguin Museum in Carbet

  • Departmental Museum of Pre-Columbian Archaeology in Fort de France

  • Natural history museum in Fort de France

  • Father Pinchon Reserve in Fort de France

  • Regional museum of history and ethnography of Martinique in Fort de France

  • Habitation Clément in Le François

  • House of the volcano in Morne Rouge

  • Ecomuseum of Martinique in Rivière-Pilote

  • Saint-James Rum Museum in Sainte-Marie

  • Museum of arts and popular traditions in Saint-Esprit

  • Discovery Center of Earth Sciences in Saint-Pierre

  • Historical museum of Saint-Pierre

  • Vulcanological museum in Saint-Pierre

  • Dubuc Castle Museum in Tartane

  • The Museum of the Sea in Trois-Îlets

  • House of the cane in Trois-Îlets

  • Museum of the Pagerie in Trois-Îlets

  • The Savane des esclaves in Trois-Îlets

  • Fishing museum in Vauclin


Find our top 5 museums in Martinique !

Coming to Martinique in December: get a head start

As many tourists flock to the archipelago in high season, it is mainly by air that people come to Martinique in December. It is also at this time that air tickets start to become expensive. To avoid ruining your money on the trip between airports and spend your budget on activities and pleasures of the island, it is strongly advised to book your flights in advance. Prices are lower and more accessible!

Once you arrive at Aimé Césaire airport and in order to move around freely afterwards, don't hesitate to rent a car in Martinique and make the most of the island during your stay in December.

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