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History and Heritage of Martinique

The cheese maker, tree of life

Originally from Central and South America, the cheesemaker is present throughout the West Indies. It can also be found in Asia (Indonesia, Cambodia) but also in Madagascar.

Bois lélé (bwa lélé in Creole) is a small piece of wood with a particular shape that is used to stir drinks in Martinique. It exists throughout the Caribbean but its use as a stirrer is typical of the island. Its common name comes from the Creole “lélé”, meaning to mix, to stir. Its scientific name for its part, is Quararibea turbinata.

Among the elements of the culture and heritage of Martinique, there is one that we do not necessarily think of when we talk about the island. These are medicinal plants. The region abounds in its developed flora. Take the time to discover them during your visit to the island of flowers... In the meantime, find a brief overview concocted by us.

The majority religion in Martinique is Christianity. However, there is a tradition that Orthodoxy would tax as pagan, even witchcraft: the quimbois. Very close to Haitian Voodoo, Jamaican Obeah, Cuban Santeria or Brazilian Candomblé, quimbois is deeply linked to Africa and slavery.

Martinique has a long history. Come and discover the 5 key dates in the history of Martinique, formerly called Madinina.

The main religion practiced in Martinique is Roman Catholicism. There are 49 parishes on the archipelago. As a result, there are many churches and cathedrals on the island, some of which are absolutely worth visiting during your stay, such as the cathedral of Fort de France.

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