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At the End of Your Stay - FAQ - Europcar Martinique

All you need to know when you will give back your car rental to Europcar Martinique

A la fin du séjour et de votre location de voiture en Martinique vous pouvez vous poser des questions sur les formalités de retours et les éventuels surcoûts. Cette rubrique est faite pour répondre à vos interrogations.

yes under certain conditions ... You can actually reurn your vehicle after the closing hour of Europcar. However, you must check in advance the conditions of return. The vehicle will remain under your responsibility until the return procedure is completed by Europcar staff.
The vehicle is provided to you at the beginning of your rental with a fuel level indicated in the starting form sheet. You must return the vehicle with the tank at the same level. If upon return of the vehicle,the fuel upgrade was not done, Europcar Martinique charge the missing fuel at the rate specified in an agency plus € 20 fuel service charge. To avoid these drawbacks think the option to subscribe to FTO Full Tank Option! Bring the vehicle with the fuel level you want
We recommend that you allow at least 3:30 to 4:00 hours before the actual departure of your flight. Indeed, there are often traffic jams in the afternoon and early evening.
When you have a single accident or third party (you must establish a report), you must notify Europcar Martinique in 24:00. Europcar Martinique prepare an accident report and your deposit will be charged. In the event of a disaster without third party if the observed damage amount is less than your deposit, we will refund the difference to the security deposit taking from your credit card. In the event of a disaster with third parties: you put the duly completed accident report and a police report if there takes place and we will submit the findings to our insurance. Your deposit will be charged. When the insurances companies have determined levels of responsibility of each of the drivers, the franchise will remain fully dependent on you for a liability of 100% or 50%. If you are not liable (liability established at 0%) franchise will be repaid in full. For more information, please contact our Support Incidents & Accidents 05 96 42 42 42. You remain liable even if you subscribe the supplementary insurance; closing the vehicle with the keys inside and consequences; replacing the battery of the disabled fact and its consequences; fuel error and its consequences puncture tires and its consequences. The damages on the upper part and the lower part of the car related to poor appreciation of the Vehicle template.
Yes and no. Note however that the vehicles are to be returned in a state of cleanliness acceptable compared to the start. Any vehicle returned excessively dirty (pet hair, sand, mud, stained upholstery, marking ...) will be invoiced and can reach or exceed 100 euros depending on rehabilitation. Remember to subscribe to the cleaning line option to return the vehicle without cleaning. Quiet ride Europcar Martinique handles everything!
A late return may change your rental price. However, if you return the vehicle within 29 minutes after the agreed time, you will not suffer any extra cost. This period of 29 minutes exceeded, an additional day will be charged. Attention: our assurances and guarantees only cover you for the rental period specified in your rental.
When you return, we strongly advise you to make a jointly controlled of the vehicle with the agent Europcar Martinique in office, even if you have suffered any inconvenience during your stay. For this, our technicians are available 7 days / 7, for the agencies opening hours.
Rentals are charged at the pick up the vehicle. However, some supplements can occur at end of rental, for: 1. Refuel charge if you have not refueled the vehicle. (except subscription to the departure of FTO) 2. Transfer, if you returned the vehicle in a different agency from that departure 3. Drop off Europcar, if you have returned your vehicle outside our agency network, 4. Day (s) extra (s), if you have not regularized your contract upstream 5. Franchise, if the vehicle or accessory is damaged or deteriorated.

Return of the Security Deposit

If no damage has been established, there has been no delay in returning the vehicle or lack of fuel or other, the deposit is released the same day by our teams. In the invoice you will receive, the deposit will not be mentioned. If you have any doubt, do not hesitate to contact our team at +596 596 42 42 42
In some cases, although Europcar Martinique has released the deposit, banks may still hold it for 30 days. You will have to contact your bank and see what options are available.
If you have to pay extra (e.g. fuel, late return, late arrival etc.) there are two solutions: you can go to the counter to pay the difference, the deposit is then released the same day. If you don't go to the agency, the missing amount will be taken directly from your deposit. The difference will be released 24 or 48 hours later at the latest.
If you have had a claim, the deposit will be deducted while the damage is being assessed. Europcar Martinique will reimburse the difference when we are informed of the cost of the damage.
No you will not receive an email or an invoice mentioning that the deposit has been released. However, you can reach our team within 24 hours at +596 596 42 42 42 to get the information.

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