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Delivery / collection

Thanks to our delivery service, you don't need to move yourself anymore. Europcar bring your car  and take it back wherever you want.
This service is available from monday to friday only in the morning.
How to purchase this service ?
  • By choosing on our website a delivery agency
  • Calling 05 96 42 42 53 and specifying the requested delivery address. Rates fluctuates depending on the place of delivery / collection.
  • Having a reservation with a departure hour between 8:00 AM and 11:30 AM from monday to friday. Please check our oppening hours or call 0596 42 42 42.
Terms & Conditions
On our website, you can select your departure and return agency. For addresses different from our agencies, please contact us to check rates and availability at 0596 42 42 42. I f you wish to change your return agency during your rental please contact the return agency to confirm. Is the information is not given and confirmed by Europcar Martinique before your return in the different agency, you will be liable to abandon fees
The delivery is allowed only after validation by Europcar Martinique and during the oppening hours of the agencies, you will be invoiced 25€ per RA (submited to variation upon distance from the airport agency)
In case of late return of the car in a Europcar agency, the driver remains responsible of the vehicle and of all fees until the oppening of the agency and the inspection made by Europcar Staff.
In case of car abandon outside of a Europcar egency, the driver remains responsible of all fees due to bringing the car back to the airport agency and eventual damages (no insurance covering).
Please check our general terms & conditions for more information.

Contact us
Customer service : 05 96 42 42 42
Booking service : 05 96 42 42 53
Assistance 24/24h 7/7j : 06 96 45 97 83

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