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Easter in Martinique, a Christian holiday that combines religion and gastronomy !

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Discover the local culture during Easter in Martinique!


Easter in Martinique is a vibrant and festive holiday to experience. Here, traditional customs are honored and exciting activities abound. From Easter egg hunts to local culinary specialties, there are many ways to get into the spirit of the season.

In Martinique, the most dominant religion with the most believers and followers is the Catholic religion. This is why most of the traditional holidays and practices are in fact the important days of Christianity.

Easter marks the end of the Lenten period, which began the day after Ash Wednesday (the last day of Carnival) and lasted 40 days.

Why visit Martinique during Easter for your vacation?

Martinique is a dynamic destination that is full of exciting rewards and unforgettable experiences. During Easter, this picturesque French Caribbean island offers a delightful mix of festive local customs and traditional celebrations to explore, as well as top-notch beaches and beautiful scenery to bask in.

There is a lot of beaches to visit in Martinique at Easter. the island truly offers a unique vacation experience for those seeking the perfect blend of culture, entertainment, relaxation - all with beautiful views and breathtaking sunsets that will stay with you long after you return home.

With temperatures in the 30s, 28-degree water and beautiful scenery, it's a great place to live, so there's plenty of time for excursions and activities during your vacation !

How Easter is celebrated

Easter is a holiday that is celebrated over several days. First of all, the Holy Week starts with the Palm Sunday before Easter.

The following three days are not special in the Catholic tradition.

Thursday : is the Chrism Mass.

Good Friday : this is a holiday and very important because it commemorates the death of Christ. The ways of the cross are taken by storm by the population. People go to mass and then the Way of the Cross.

Easter Sunday : it is of course the most precious day of the week because it celebrates the return to life of Christ. It is the Resurrection and also the end of Lent. After the mass where the faithful put on their best clothes, they gather as a family for this most important day with Christmas of the Christianity.

Easter Monday : This is the second day of the octave of Easter. It is a time of joy, rebirth and celebration after Lent and Holy Week. There is no religious ceremony on this day. The day is a holiday and it is an opportunity for families to gather and enjoy matoutou on the various beaches of the island.

How is Easter prepared ?

In Martinique, Easter is prepared on the first day of Lent, namely the Thursday following Ash Wednesday. This is the date when crab fishing is opened. The men of the same family prepare, if necessary, dobbies with wooden boards and nails. These paddles will be used to catch crabs.

The land crab is caught in rural areas, fields (cane or banana) or mangrove areas. For this purpose, the areas of the central Atlantic are the most popular (Vauclin, François, Robert, Trinité).

Easter, a holiday with incredible culinary traditions

The matoutou

Traditional Martinique cuisine is known for its unique flavors and spices, many of which are inherited from Caribbean, French, Indian and African influences. One of the most iconic dishes of the region is matoutou.

This tasty recipe symbolizes Martinique's rich cultural heritage and demonstrates how history, culture and tradition can come together in one dish.

Although it may vary in terms of ingredients depending on regional preferences, all versions are equally delicious. A guaranteed hit at any dinner table !

Did you know? Crabs are a tradition inherited from slavery, when this food was reserved for slaves during Lent. Once considered an ordinary dish, crabs are now a festive dish.


How is the Matoutou caught?

Catching the matoutou crab in Martinique is an incredibly pleasant experience. This species of crab is known for its bold and delicate flavor and can be found in several areas of the island.

To successfully catch crabs, there are two well-known techniques :

  • the first is to place a trap called "ratière" said "zatrap' in Creole.

  • the second one is to wait for the crabs to come out of their burrows to catch them or to go and get them directly in their burrows by hand with the help of equipment (boots, hats, gloves, bag).

Once captured, the crabs are fed and "cleaned". That is, they are fed so that they evacuate all the "waste" swallowed in the days preceding their capture. The crabs are fed with breadfruit leaves or fruits and vegetables (mangoes, coconuts, peppers, cane, tomatoes, corn, etc...).

The crabs are then killed and brushed. The shells are discarded or used later to prepare stuffing served as a starter. The legs and claws are the essential ingredients of matoutou.

The crab fair

Every year, on the Saturday before Easter, the Vauclin Tourist Office organizes the famous crab fair. The event was launched in 1995, and was a great success from the very first year. Over the years, this celebration has steadily improved in a festive, good-humored atmosphere.

The Crab Fair aims to :

  • raise awareness of the need to protect the mangrove's animal and plant species

  • help people discover or rediscover the mangrove.

For further information:

The accras

Every year at Easter in Martinique, accras, a culinary symbol of the Antilles, are enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

These filled doughnuts may be small in size, but they pack a flavorful punch. Each golden bite is filled with fragrant herbs, fresh fish (e.g. cod, shrimp) and lots of spices.

This wonderful recipe helps to liven up the island during the Easter holidays. Whether enjoyed in a seaside restaurant or at a family gathering, accras are an integral part of the festivities that make Martinique special.

What to do at Easter ?

The main activity for Easter is to go to eat at the water's edge (sea or river) mainly with the family, especially on Easter Monday. This is the day of the year when there are the most people on the beaches...

You can also enjoy the exceptional landscapes of the island and its many wonders, through unmissable activities, among which :

  • Hiking,

  • Visit the nature reserve of the Caravelle peninsula,

  • Diving or snorkeling.

  • Camping with family or friends (very famous).


Car rental in Martinique at Easter

Renting a car in Martinique at Easter for your vacation can be a convenient and affordable way to explore the French Caribbean island.

For those who seek the freedom to travel where they want, when they want, at their own pace, renting a car makes your stay enjoyable.

Easter celebrations usually take place in April. You can also attend the Cap Martinique in April.

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