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Question: What are the protections included in my online booking with Europcar Martinique?

If you book on our website, /, You automatically have the CDW, THW and PAI included. For more information about these protections bases please go to this link
Only renters reported on the rental agreement can claim as insured.
In case of accident or theft, the tenant must declare CORAIL SAS within 24 hours, a complete a damage report and attach a police / gendarmerie and / or receipt of complaint. The tenant must not abandon the vehicle, it remains at its sole responsibility to collect the keys to Europcar agent.
Are not included in the basic protections:
• Damage to upper and lower parts of the vehicle
• Damage to mechanical parts under the vehicle (front, oil pan)
• Damage caused as a result of unplanned use by the manufacturer, or off paved roads, damage caused by rain or seawater
• Theft or partial degradation accessories (trim, antenna, mirror, key ...)
• Glass breakage,
• Tires
• Loss or damage to property carried in the vehicle rental
• Towing costs, capital and expertise.

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